Presenting my second piano CD, "Nova", including some surprises!


María Mendoza

María Mendoza, pianist, composer and teacher, is born in Oviedo, Spain, in 1975 and begins her musical studies at the early age of four years with her mother, piano teacher. In 2001 she finishes her  upper studies of Piano and Camera Music at the High Conservatory of Music of Bilbao with high qualifications. A year later, she obtains at the same centre the High Title of Solfeggio, Accompaniment and Transport, and  licences in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country. In 2003 she moves  to Galicia and begins her Composition studies at the High Conservatory of Music of Vigo, by the hand of Carlos Cambeiro, Joam Trillo and Pablo Beltrán.

She completes her formation continuously, with monographic courses  and master classes of piano with  Serghei  Yerohkin, Joaquín Achúcarro, Luca Chiantore, and Emmanuel Ferre-Lalöé, of analysis with Carlos Cambeiro, Emilio Molina, José María Laborda, Edson Zampronha, and Teresa Catalan,  of jazz and modern music, of techniques of relaxation and control of the scenic fear, of cinematographic music analysis, and of composition with Antón García Abril.

Her professional activity is divided  between teaching, composition and interpretation, emphasizing especially her creative facet. At the moment she is one of the Department of Composition teachers at the Conservatory of Music of Ourense. As an interpreter, she stands out for her great  versatility as classical pianist, as accompanying pianist of instrumentists, singers and choral groupings, and for playing in groups of modern music (pop, rock, folk, etc).

Regarding her composition, she is author of pieces for piano, camera music, didactic pieces, guitar, orquestra, religious pieces, music for choirs, band music, for voice and piano, and music for short animation films, where she joins her two great passions, which are the music and the cinema.